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Party Balloon Bouquets

For the Instant Party in a Box... Order as many Balloon Bouquets as you need in the shapes & colours you want

(PLEASE NOTE:- To order multiple balloon bouquets simply add them on our order form, if you have any questions please get in touch)

What is a Balloon Bouquet?

A balloon bouquet consists of different coloured and shaped balloons all tied nicely together in a balloon bouquet on one coordinated weight. Below is just some of the different colours of Party Balloons we offer.

We are limited by the size of box we can send out. For this reason you may not be able to add many additional bouquets to ones that are already quite large. If the exact quantity or arrangement is not available to order direct from our website please do not hesitate to get in touch as we can more than likely still help.

Give me an example

Okay, so say you wanted five sets of 3 balloon bouquets in red hearts and pink stars. Well you would select the 3 balloon bouquet on this page and click 'Buy'. This would take you to our order page where it has already preselected one 3 balloon bouquet. As you want 5 you will need to select 'Add 4 extra 3 balloon bouquets' under the 'Add balloon bouquets' dropdown box. From here you go ahead and continue to fill in our order form telling us in the 'Additional Comment Box' that you want red hearts and pink stars etc.. etc... on each of your Party bouquets.

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